China House Restaurant

20 Stone Pine Road Unit C  Half Moon Bay, Ca. 94019


While visiting the Half Moon Bay Area, we sampled a variety of eatery’s.  There are 3 Restaurants all next to each other. Thai, Chinese and Japanese.  For dinner we tried China House Restaurant.   To start we ordered a Green Onion Pancake with a pot of the house hot tea.  Next we ordered Combo Chow Mein, Beef Broccoli, Lemon Chicken and Honey Walnut Prawns.

The chow mein was slightly greasy but tasty. The Beef Broccoli presentation was nice, the broccoli was tender, yet crisp but the beef was quite tough. The Lemon Chicken was done perfectly. tender on the inside and crispy on the out. The lemon sauce was a little sweet but delicious.  The Honey Walnut Prawns were served hot and juicy. The coating was OK, but not my favorite.

All in all the food was edible and staff was friendly and served promptly.     3.5 stars

Miramar Beach Restaurant Half Moon Bay, Ca.

You have to be looking for the turn off to get there or you’ll miss it down a little side street. The location is great looking out on the ocean, so we went in for a drink and see this historic place. Built in the early 1900′s this restaurant has quite the history, surviving through prohibition, numerous owners and remodels. We just stopped in for drinks and a look around, but the menu looked good for appetizers and dinner. If for nothing else stop in for the ocean view and enjoy a drink or some dinner.

Ketch Joanne Restaurant & Bar
17 Johnson Pier Pillar Point Harbor Half Moon Bar, Ca. 94019

It was a lazy afternoon and wanted to just find a nice burger… I ask around and was told go to Ketch Joanne. 2 of us arrived about 2:30pm The place was half empty due to the lull between lunch and dinner, but was still busy. We ordered 2 bloody mary’s, an Ortega chili and cheese burger, a ruben on rye, garlic fries and onion rings.
All was nicely prepared, burger was very very tasty, fries were crisp on outside and soft inside. Just the right amount of garlic….yum
The Ruben was toasted and delicious. The onion rings were REAL onion rings and crisp…perfect.
Also, my water glass NEVER got empty. The staff took great care of us. !!!!!!
This place on the wharf has lots of character and a good find. Next time you’re in Half Moon Bay………. Enjoy it…..

4.5 stars

Sam’s Chowder House.
4210 North Cabrillo Hwy Half Moon Bay, Ca. 94019 650-712-0245

Sam’s Chowder House has been on the beach for about 5 years. They serve new England style cuisine. We wandered in for dinner and drinks. Started with an order of calamari, a bowl of chowder and fresh sourdough bread. It was all delicious, as well was served quite quickly. For dinner we ordered large prawns stuffed with dungeness crab and bacon wrapped. It came with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Our other entree was a whole lobster, halved and grilled with asparagus and steamed broccoli. Again, dinner was served promptly. Service all around was nice. Between all the apps and dinner, we needed “to go” boxes !!!!!!! Over all atmosphere was great, looking out on the ocean and sun down. It was foggy so we didn’t get to see a sunset, but it was pleasant. The place is quite popular so reservations are recommended. 4 Stars

Overlooking the beautiful 9 hole golf course and RV Parking (wih septic dump included) we sat and ate at the outdoor patio. With a waft of livestock and smokey campfire we enjoyed pre dinner bevies and apps of guac, chips and salsa, and joyful banter. Fine dining included brocolli, peas, asparagus and rice, pork filet sauted in a secret pork spices and broiled to tender perfection, Mario Bartoli spinach and sausage ravioli with his Cherry tomato marinara sauce all over it and romaine salad with lemon juice and 2 year aged parmesan grated cheese. The after dinner festivus consisted of bb gun target practice and a quick round of chip qnd putt wih the Top Cat (and heard it said that we don’t do birdies here- much to the cat’s dismay). As the twilight last gleemed, the chefs (yes there are two of them in the kitchen) made a gooey, but precisely layered combination of Nilla waffers, vanilla pudding, bananas –Cupcake wars eat your heart out!!

7 stars

The Perfect Circle, Original Cupcake Bake Shop  165 N. Glassell Street, Old Towne Orange, Ca.

Made From Scratch, Baked with Love,  WINNER of the Food Network CUPCAKE WARS.

This is the sign in their window, as we went visiting the street used in the Movie “THAT THING YOU DO”"  Like a step back in time to the 50′s and 60′s nostalgia.

The Hours of business were all listed as HAPPY HOURS.  HA HA ! !  ! ! !

We ordered a Chocolate Cookies and Cream, a Banana, a Lemon tart, and Vanilla.

Now at  $3.00 a cupcake, NORMAL sized cupcakes, Not Large or anything, They were all just AVERAGE.  I bake and have to tell you, the Banana was the tasiest. The Vanilla was second best, and the Cookies and cream was just plain dry and BORING.

Cute shop, nice decor, but Not worth $12.00 for 4 cupcakes.

2 stars……

Jagerhaus, Authentic German Food 2525 East Ball Road, Anaheim, Ca. 92806 714-520-9500. Sandra Schwaiger, Owner

We have been here many times. Finding a good German Restaurant is not easy. There aren’t many of them. We found Jagerhaus by making a wrong turn and passed it about 5 years ago. We went back and had a delicious meal. Sandra, the owner, comes out and visits the tables and welcomes you to her restaurant. The atmosphere is like sitting in Frankfurt. Prices are very reasonable.

Come and try the Jagerhaus next time you’re in Anaheim.

4 Stars

Mr Biggs Bar & Grill 596 Tenth Ave,New York, NY  (212)-246-2030 / (212)246-4744

After drinks at the Blue Fin, Dinner at Don Giovanni’s and walking down the sidewalks we came to Mr Biggs. It said karaoke and our resident Karaoke Queen, TERRY, immediately was ready to enter…LOL   Small restaurant bar was packed on a Friday night about midnight.  we got a table for the 6 of Us, Terry put in karaoke requests and the night was off and running. There was warm atmosphere, everyone in the restaurant was having a GREAT time. Meet some other couples that enjoyed all the singing, had shots of Southern Comfort and Lime Juice ???? ( Kinda weird) . We got up to leave about 2am , and there was Stephanie, Our waitress from the Blue Fin, the singer ! ! ! .  We said Good Night and headed back to Hotel.

Lots of fun…. stop in and enjoy the fun.

3.5 stars…

Blue Fin  W Hotel Times Square 1567 Broadway at 47th New York, NY 212-918-1400

The Band took a walk down Times Square and stopped in to have a drink at the Bar. The place was packed at 6 pm on a Friday evening. We squeezed in and got a Table for 2 for the 6 of US next to the window looking out on Times Square.  Ordered some California rolls and beverages from Stephani, our waitress.  The boys chatted it up with Stepanie, who said she was a singer also. We enjoyed the atmosphere and had another round  then headed out for dinner. They had a Restaurant there, but was booked.

Nice place, great location, and a good time   4 stars….

Playwright Celtic Pub & Restaurant 732 8th St. New York NY 10036

We were in NYC to produce a band playing at BB Kings that evening and got up and went for breakfast with our friends. They took us to Playwright Celtic Pub, where we had the Irish breakfasts. All traditional, except for ???? Serving French fries instead of pan fried potatoes.  the Bloody Mary’s were OK.. something to get you going in the morning …LOL

it was 12 Noon and we were a little hung over from the long night of Partying with PAT for her 70th.  Bar was packed, food was good, nice decor, service was friendly and quick.

4 Stars…..