After a day tasting wine and touring the Castello Di Amore in St. Helena, now we are hungry for Italian food….so we found a little little spot right downtown Calistoga. Warm and friendly staff got us started off right with a nice bottle of Chianti. Our friends Heather and Emery were with us and are dictating the review. Antipasto plate was as expected and very good as an appetizer, we also learned the difference between salami and sulami…you will have to ask or Google for yourselves. The Caesar salad was ‘pretty good’, needed more anchovy. The leafy house salad was tasty however the balsamic vinegarette was a bit strong.

For our main courses we had the “Positano”.. the baked salmon was crispy and just amazing, with nice grilled vegetables, polenta that could have used more cheese ( but what dish can’t't use more cheese). We also ordered the “Crispino” pizza. The cheese used was ??? Interesting, however was not described as ‘great’ !!! and the prosciutto was too thick. All over it was good.

For dessert we had the house cheesecake, the triple chocolate torte, the cannoli.
Everyone enjoyed the meal. Wait staff was very attentive.

4.5 stars.