Rollin Smoke Barbeque 3185 S. Highland Street Las Vegas, Nevada. 702-738-1729.

We were shopping at the Fashion Show off Las Vegas blvd and took the backstreets when we left and came across two big BBQ smokers sitting in a parking lot. We pulled a U turn and came back to try the “Q”. We entered and read through the menu, smelling the flavors as meat was carried inside from the smokers. Lee took our order and we sat and waited for our tasty treat to arrive. There were others eating and enjoying their ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, fries and cold drinks. It was over a hundred degrees outside, so sitting in the air conditioned room was nice. Lee brought a sampling of their Mac n Cheese which was delicious with out pulled pork sandwich. The pork was very moist and flavorful with a nice tangy sauce on a French bun. It’s hard to find actual “Smoked” meat these days. There is so much simulated smoke flavored stuff out there that was frozen, then heated up in Restaurants. This is the REAL McCoy …. Try them out next trip to Vegas. Get off the busy strip and try some back street local delightful food.

5 stars