The Perfect Circle, Original Cupcake Bake Shop  165 N. Glassell Street, Old Towne Orange, Ca.

Made From Scratch, Baked with Love,  WINNER of the Food Network CUPCAKE WARS.

This is the sign in their window, as we went visiting the street used in the Movie “THAT THING YOU DO”"  Like a step back in time to the 50′s and 60′s nostalgia.

The Hours of business were all listed as HAPPY HOURS.  HA HA ! !  ! ! !

We ordered a Chocolate Cookies and Cream, a Banana, a Lemon tart, and Vanilla.

Now at  $3.00 a cupcake, NORMAL sized cupcakes, Not Large or anything, They were all just AVERAGE.  I bake and have to tell you, the Banana was the tasiest. The Vanilla was second best, and the Cookies and cream was just plain dry and BORING.

Cute shop, nice decor, but Not worth $12.00 for 4 cupcakes.

2 stars……