Nov 18, 2010

We arrived at the Tin Shed BBQ at 8:02pm on a Thursday night with the Strikeforce BBQ tour. They close at 8pm, but Fawn welcomed us in and we ordered some of damn near everything they had on the Menu. Fawn told us we could eat there as long as we liked watching wrestling !  ! ! ! !!  The ribs were delicious, decidedly one of the Best we have had so far on our 2 year tour of BBQ places all over the USA. The smoked chicken just fell off the bone and was really tasty. The Brisket was the same way, JUST FELL APART with a fork, was so Moist, tender and just the right amount of smoke flavor. The Pulled pork was wonderful, the sausage, the cole slaw, potato salad, rolls, pies were great also,, BUT the Baked beans, made with some pork were the BEST. Fawn and Shelton took great care of us staying late. Great place to enjoy tasty BBQ if in Jackson Mississippi