Da Gennaro Ristorante 129 Mulberry Street New York, NY.10013  212-431-3934   www.dagennarorestaurant.com

Arrived via taxi to go Gucci purse shopping and the cab dropped us off in Front of Da Gennaro Restaurant. We started to head out and got stopped by a friendly guy that persuaded us to come in and have a great Italian dinner. We discussed it while he was directing us to the entrance …. LOL …. We really wanted breakfast , but went inside to get warm. They started us with sourdough bread and a delicious olive oil with garlic and spices. We ordered a bottle of San Pellegrino mineral water, the caprese and fried calarmari . Now, you have to understand, we tour the world and the fried calamari is our dish to judge all restaurants.  drum roll………… WELL, it wasn’t that good.  could tell it was frozen, was over cooked and rubbery. The coating was OK, but ,,HEY…we’re FOOD SNOBS.  Next the caprese was OK, but tomatoes are out of season and they were a little hard, but all was good and the Presentation was nice.  For dinner we ordered the risotto with shrimp, tortellini with alfredo sauce, lobster ravioli and spaghetti bolognese. We enjoyed two bottles of middle priced Chianti, which did need to breathe for about 15 minutes to open up.  Everyones meal was good. we thought the tortellini was a little too salty, and everyone added the grated parmesan cheese and cracked pepper to taste. For dessert we tried the tiramisu, a cannoli, chocolate cream puff. all plates were left empty…LOL

A woman came by our table a few times and ask how our meal was. Our server was very attentive. The decor was pleasant, very Italian and the restaurant was busy( always a good sign). The meal was not cheap, with tip $320.00   We knew it was going to be expensive and we enjoyed trying out all the food choices.

On a side note, which we all said… for a $300.00 meal, the paper napkins were kinda tacky….get some nice cloth ones….                3.5 stars

and on another side note…… after we left and walked down the street, most other restaurants were empty on a Sunday at 1pm??????   Da Gennaro’s was packed  ! ! ! ! !