Guadalajara #1 Mexican Restaurant 452 Empire St. San Jose, Ca. 95112  408-294-0545  Hours  7:30am – 9PM Daily  No Website at this time.

They take cash, Visa, Mastercard

This little corner store restaurant/ delicatessen has some of the best tasting, ready to eat mexican food.  Their Chili Rellenos are excellent.  Actually everything they serve is excellent. My Favorite is the “SPECIAL” Burrito. An Extra large Flour tortilla with beans, rice, two kinds of meat( or 2 scoops of the same), optional Chili relleno,  lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese, Hot sauce, guacamole. This TWO FISTED treat will fill you up. They also serve a variety of fresh mexican pastries.   excellent place for Lunch or Dinner.  there are some tables to eat there, But i usually just get it to go.     ……. Enjoy

There is a Second location, Guadalajara#2 at 1102 Bird Ave. San Jose, Ca. 95125  408-995-5354

4.5 stars