location: 3659 East Ventura Avenue, Fresno, CA 93702-3251

phone: (559) 485-1635 ‎


It was late and we got to the Hotel at 9:10pm and the Radison hotel clerk Suggested “Castillos” as a good Local favorite. They stay open till 10PM and wasn’t far so we headed down there.  It was your typical Good ole Home cooking. The Chips were fresh, crisp and the salsa tasty. The food was delivered hot, delicious and the service was Great. There were 10 people in the restaurant on a Wednesday at 9:30pm, as we ate more kept coming in. We had Chili Rellenos, chicken enchiladas, carni asada burritos, Chicken taco’s, cheese enchiladas, beans & rice. Everyone ask for something added special for a custom order. Our Waitress was humorous and good hearted and took the order and delivered it just as ordered.  Only issue was they DON’T have Liquor so no Margaritas, But have Lots of cold Beer.  We give the food 4 stars. The Flan we had for dessert, was a Little Bland.. 2.5 stars..LOL