6375 Rainbow Blvd.  Las Vegas, NV

phone 702-898-9998   (They have a misprint on the business card (see above ‘suhi??”) as I am certain it is supposed to be ‘sushi’, as well as some misprints on the menu…so I am hoping that the address and phone number are correct.)

This place is off the strip, way out in the industrial north end of Las Vegas in Spring Valley and was introduced by our good friend and local guru ‘CL’.  It is likely to cater to lunch crowds because every time we go there for dinner it’s nearly empty.  They have an all you can eat sushi menu for $25 per person.  All you can eat sushi!!   The atmosphere is nice-ish, the service is medium-ish, the food is tasty-ish, however you can order roll after roll after roll after roll, well you get the idea…..the biggest kick is the menu is a bunch of fun to read over…..With sushi dishes such as “suck my roll”, “screaming orgasms”, “happy endings” and “wet dreams’ …. it is Vegas after all baby…..  my first thought is I shouldn’t be sharing this info…’cause what happens there stays there…..LOL.    3.5 stars….. with much, much room for improvement……however we will keep going back…’cause it’s all you can eat!