I remember when this restaurant opened in the 80′s, as i used to live in Milpitas California since 1966.  I hadn’t been in at least 20 years and tonight some friends told me they wanted to go to this mexican restaurant called CASA AZTECA…   The wait staff was right there with water, drinks and to take our order starting with Top shelf margarita’s, guacamole & chips, Salsa. Then  salad and  delicious House dressing, the tasty Tortilla soup , and the Main courses of Fajitas, Carne Asada, Chili relleno’s,  Pollo & carne asada tacos, pollo enchilada’s, rice & beans delivered on very HOT plates…. yum yum…..  More margarita’s  and to finish it all off with a FLAN and 4 spoons….       Our waiter was excellent, atmosphere was pleasant and the whole evening was delightful.  Next time you’re in Milpitas, don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy this restaurant

4.5 stars

Casa Azteca  20 N Able Street Milpitas, calif. 950935  408-946-0466   www.casaazteca.com