Atomica Pizza & Wine.
Kingston, Ontario Canada

Located in the middle of Brock street, the store front restaurant was small but quaint. Approx 1000sq ft with outside seating. we arrived at 6:10pm for our 6:30pm reservation. The table was set up in back by pizza oven. It was fun to watch the pizza’s be made and put in the oven.
We ordered the diavolo Hawalano, fruitti Di mare for appetizers. The Diavolo Hawalano had a spicy red sauce, that kinda over powered the sweetness of the pineapple, next we ordered calamari and the caprese with pesto. The crispy Calamari came in a small bowl with tomato sauce , olives and was “different” and not to my liking. It was good.

For dinner we had a variety of pasta’s. fettucine, house special pasta with shrimp, Bucatini All, Amatriciani. All was delicious.

For dessert we tried the Carmelita, frozen canoli, Chocolate Tiramisu.

Service was attentive.

4 stars