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Embassy Suites Hotel. Seaside, Ca. Pacifica Cafe

We had a little time to kill and was looking for a quick local meal and did a web search. We ended up at the Pacifica Cafe for an early dinner be fore running off to see a show.
We ordered the calamari , that the menu said was with tempura, but showed up with a seasoned breading with jalapenos ????. We also had the lettuce wedge with the blue cheese. It was good but the blue cheese was a little weak.
For dinner we ordered one serving of the halibut. Our server had the chef split it on 2 plates so we both enjoyed it with the carrots, asparagus, and broccoli. Very tasty and the fish was nice and flaky.

Didn’t have time for dessert, but menu items looked good.

Was a sleepy Wednesday night in Monterey bay.
Enjoyed our last minute meal. Our server was very attentive .

4 stars

Chicken and Waffles 444 Embarcadero W (between Broadway & Franklin St)
Oakland, CA 94607  (510) 836-4446  Mon-Thu 10 am – 12 am

Fri-Sat 10 am – 4 am   Sun 9 am – 12 am

We meet some friends here who wanted to try the place. It was a Friday Evening at 6PM. The place was 3/4 empty. The service was extremely SLOOOOW. Our Waitress continually screwed up our order…Drinks, and meal.  All of us  felt that there was NOTHING that would want to make us come back for a second time…NOTHING.  The Location is at Jack London Square, who is feeling the recession. The whole area was very light for a friday night.  It never got busy and we were there almost 2 hours….YEP, the service was THAT SLOOOW. The Food was …”"OK”" .  That’s about the BEST of it.  There is a Lot of History with this Business…. But current management needs to step it up a bit and make the staff and the premises More appealing.  The Chicken was good, but the Sweet Potato pie was…..AWFUL.   I’ve eaten a LOT of sweet potato pie and this was just plain AWFUL.   SORRY truth Hurts….


Guadalajara #1 Mexican Restaurant 452 Empire St. San Jose, Ca. 95112  408-294-0545  Hours  7:30am – 9PM Daily  No Website at this time.

They take cash, Visa, Mastercard

This little corner store restaurant/ delicatessen has some of the best tasting, ready to eat mexican food.  Their Chili Rellenos are excellent.  Actually everything they serve is excellent. My Favorite is the “SPECIAL” Burrito. An Extra large Flour tortilla with beans, rice, two kinds of meat( or 2 scoops of the same), optional Chili relleno,  lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese, Hot sauce, guacamole. This TWO FISTED treat will fill you up. They also serve a variety of fresh mexican pastries.   excellent place for Lunch or Dinner.  there are some tables to eat there, But i usually just get it to go.     ……. Enjoy

There is a Second location, Guadalajara#2 at 1102 Bird Ave. San Jose, Ca. 95125  408-995-5354

4.5 stars

Original Joe’s  301 South First Street  San Jose, Ca. 95113  408-292-7030

Toll Free 888-841-7030

NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY OTHER JOE’s…  so it says on the menu ! ! ! !   HAHA…

I’ve been going to “O J’s ”  in downtown San Jose for decades. It’s the best place to go for a Great late night Italian style home cooked meal, because they are open till 1AM.  Waiters are in Tux’s and Fresh Sourdough Bread & butter is served to your table. Everything is cooked to order so always hot and fresh. Great place to order breakfast at midnight.

The food speaks for itself.  There is a reason this place has been around for almost Six decades.  enuff Said…..      NOT cheap, But delicious…

5 Stars

The Old Spaghetti factory: 51 N San Pedro  San Jose, Ca. 95110  408-288-7488  www.

The Old Spaghetti Factory at this location has been there for ??? at least 40 years. This is a Part of the CHAIN Spaghetti houses.  The food is always Good, tasty, economic and a fun place to take the family. on Nights or weekends best to make a reservation, if they are taking them… Usually First come first served.

check out their website for a complete menu :

Family Fun and Economic  4 . 5 stars

Smoking Pig BBQ  1144 N. 4th Street  San Jose, Ca. 95112  408-313-4884

This is a NEW wood smoking BBQ place in San Jose, Ca.  Paul, the CSO (chief smoking officer) of Smoking Pig BBQ took over a fairly rundown Mexican taqueria at 1144 north 4th Street San Jose, Ca. 95112  408-313-4884. After a Lot of Painting and cleanup, Parking a couple of Large Smokers in the back parking lot and a Front Sign Change, The GREAT tasting BBQ spare ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, Links, Fresh daily homemade potato salad, coleslaw, Delicious Baked beans, corn bread muffins and Peanut butter pie are being served daily.

Paul Starts his daily routine putting ribs and Pulled pork on the BBQ the night before for a Slow cooked smoked BBQ flavor. EVERYTHING is Delicious…. The Brisket just fell apart..Pulled pork melts in your mouth, the RIBS sell out fast…chick and Links are delicious.  Along with this great tasting food, Paul serves a variety of home recipe sauces.

His partner in this adventure is Jessica, his Wife. This kind of Homemade, specialty food takes a lot of hours and patience to produce.

Stop by and enjoy the fruits of all their Labor to produce some truly good tasting  BBQ.  Even better yet, Plan ahead and call the day before and order up your rack of ribs so Paul knows how much to smoke the night before.

ALSO, Some exciting NEWS… Paul plans to have BLUES BANDS on the weekend evenings.  Check with them for a schedule of who’s coming….

Only real issue,,for some people.. At this time, they only take CASH, No credit or debit cards

5 stars……