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Out to the West end of Dallas restaurant row. The crew wanted ribs so the Smokehouse got the nod. The family style all you can eat was our order. We ordered the pork ribs, beef brisket, pulled chicken, Cole slaw, Mac & cheese, mash potatoes and gravy. Since we have had some of the best BBQ all over the US, we consider ourselves true food snobs…..LOL. We gave the “Q”. A 6 out of 10. The atmosphere was good, and our server was prompt. Everyone had a good time. We just felt everything was a little flat, especially for the long storied history of Sonny Bryans.

Our group of 7 ordered a variety of Mexican dinners. We started off diet coke, 3 magaritas, water, lemonade( a little watered down). We had chili rellenos, pollo fajitas, al pastor tacos, macho burrito, pollo fajita quesadillas, pollo taco. All was served on a very hot plate, with refried beans and Mexican rice. Our special guest, Allison, who was 3 months old, was a delight to dine with. She smiled all thru dinner, such a cutie. Our server, Juliana was extremely attentive to our table, drink orders, and food order. Everyone at the table agreed the food rated a 8.5 to 9.0. We ordered a variety of desserts from the traditional Mexican favorite “Flan”, deep fried ice cream and sopapillas. Survey says ………. The Flan was a little to firm.. A little over baked, deep fried ice cream was …..OK Nice. And the sopapilas with honey drizzle, cinnamon sugar and whipped cream was tasty.
Everything was fine, the sun was going down, the room was getting dark and Juliana brought the bill…… Wham… The lights get turned on so we can see the damage…. LOL.

Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the evening.