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6375 Rainbow Blvd.  Las Vegas, NV

phone 702-898-9998   (They have a misprint on the business card (see above ‘suhi??”) as I am certain it is supposed to be ‘sushi’, as well as some misprints on the menu…so I am hoping that the address and phone number are correct.)

This place is off the strip, way out in the industrial north end of Las Vegas in Spring Valley and was introduced by our good friend and local guru ‘CL’.  It is likely to cater to lunch crowds because every time we go there for dinner it’s nearly empty.  They have an all you can eat sushi menu for $25 per person.  All you can eat sushi!!   The atmosphere is nice-ish, the service is medium-ish, the food is tasty-ish, however you can order roll after roll after roll after roll, well you get the idea…..the biggest kick is the menu is a bunch of fun to read over…..With sushi dishes such as “suck my roll”, “screaming orgasms”, “happy endings” and “wet dreams’ …. it is Vegas after all baby…..  my first thought is I shouldn’t be sharing this info…’cause what happens there stays there…..LOL.    3.5 stars….. with much, much room for improvement……however we will keep going back…’cause it’s all you can eat!

This has to be the “”worst”" place to go if you’re in a hurry between planes. We ordered a quesadilla with chips, something that should take Tops 10 minutes to whip out and waited 35 mins to get it. The place was so understaffed everyone around us was just getting up and leaving because of no service. The quesadilla showed up as soft tacos cut in half,,, NOT grilled at all and pitiful. We ask for our bill and that took another 20 mins to get. Luckily we had time to spare but usually don’t. We travel a lot and this is by far the worst airport service and food. Did I say the worst enough !!!!!! no sense going on here. Avoid if you can. NO STARS…….

Lawry’s Las Vegas

Spectacular as always!!! 5 stars for food and service

After a wonderful meal of;
spun salad
sourdough bread
roast beast
Au jus
Yorkshire pudding
mashed potatoes
creamed corn
buttered peas
2007 J.Lohr Cabernet sauvignon

We just didn’t have room for coconut banana cream pie (or any of the plethora of fine deserts).

Absolutely stuffed full

We took a group of 12 to some late evening BBQ. Everyone wanted to see this place, as it is the site of some scenes from the 1984 TopGun movie. We ordered a variety of BBQ ribs, chicken, sausage, brisket, fries, onion rings, potato salad, Cole slaw, Mac and cheese, baked beans, collection of beers, and finished it off with sweet potato pie and walnut pie. Everything was delicious. There was a lot of finger licking and good harmony. The decor was fun to view and read the history of this place. There is no parking so plan ahead where to park or take public transit. From a true BBQ perspective, the food needed a little more smokey flavor.
4.5 stars
600 West Harbor Drive. San Diego, CA. 619-231-9680

2660 Via Del La Valle, Del Mar, CA 92014

phone   858-792-2225


We met up with a friend who lives in the area, she suggested breakfast at Milton’s.  It was very good in atmosphere, choice and service.   I had crepes with bananas and berries and a side of bacon and would definitely recommend it, although I would have preferred the syrup on the side instead of having sugary goo all over the freshness of the fruit and crepe, however it was tasty and very, very elegantly presented.   KB had eggs over, thick bacon, sourdough and homestyle potatoes and M had a scramble of stuff and R and D had french toast.  Both KB and our friend M said the potatoes were a little too salty for their taste, might have been an oops in the kitchen???.  I have never seen cranberry mustard …there it was in a condiment jug at the table!! …might have to go back and have a sandwich to have the cranberry mustard on.  Prices were on the higher end, not a greasy-spoon for certain, and the portions were very large!!  5 stars