67 East Gay Street  Columbus Ohio 43215   www.due-amici.com

so we’re in town to do another SHOWTIME TV event and i went to the web to find a Pasta place in downtown Columbus. Everyone in the crew had been up most of the night & day flying to Columbus and were tired and hungary.  Their web site offered to reserve a table so i did. It was a Wednesday evening and there were about 30 people in the place.  We were seated immediately as we got there.  Justin, our server, greeted us. Water was served, drinks ordered, Hot Bread served with olive oil and a sprinkle of Grated Parmesan Cheese.

After looking over the menu we ordered Dinner. Everyone had the same general comment. Everything tasted a little Salty. Now, I understand everyone has different tastes, But we eat out ,,A LOT,,, and this was a little salty, Even the Grated Parmesan Cheese on my dinner was salty????  The Pizza’s we ordered were good, Chicken with Pesto and Pepperoni.   The Portabella Ravioli was tasty, but again the cheese seemed overly salty.  The Penne Carbonara with Chicken, Smoked bacon, peas and roasted garlic cream, seemed to lack a lot of flavor and the Salty shaved parmesan didn’t help. I took some home with me to taste a little later for a 2nd try , and came up with the same opinion.  Don’t get me wrong.  The food was edible and we all enjoyed the dinner, But as we eat out ,,A LOT… the 5 of us all had the same opinion…..?????   The drinks varied from Columbus Pale Ale,  long Island Iced tea, Pink lemonade and water. 7 out of 10….

Now comes my Hardest Gripe… I do lighting for a Living and decor lighting as a specialty. To the Owners, the restaurant is Beautiful, the atmosphere was nice for the evening, BUT,,,,BUT,, If i can’t read the menu on the table because it’s too dark… That sucks… I see this everywhere. it’s seems all restaurant owners have TUNNEL vision. They just see the walls and bar dimly lit and feel it has atmosphere. What you really need to do is sit in ALL your seats in the restaurant.. YES i said every seat.  Surprisingly, just because you have a light above the table pointing straight down on a portion of the table, THAT DOES NOT LIGHT IT SO YOU CAN SEE THE MENU…. I find it funny when i look around and see others using their phones to read the menu…FIRST CLUE here guys…LOL  Especially when i come and spend $150.00 for dinner.

all in all, we felt the food was a little over priced for what we got, but had a good time.  Your website is very nice and informative, good job . The ability to reserve a table online Is GREAT. I have tried it a few times now at other restaurants and it seems to work well           3.5 Stars