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Fish and chips

Food was Greasy, Service was extremely SLOOOOOW. There were hardly any people in the place and we couldn’t even get a glass of water or our order taken.  VERY UNIMPRESSED……ONE STAR

We had planned to go to another Italian restaurant that evening, but they were sold out for 3 hours. We were meeting some friends for Dinner , who were going to see a band at Brit Arms later, so i did a search for Italian places in Cupertino. I went online and read their menu and Website, and it looked interesting. It featured Persian Food, with Italian and American food.  We made a reservation Online with a system from their website, and Frankly i was skeptical it would work, especially since we were going to dinner there in 90 minutes.  We had a 6pm reservation and arrived to a completely empty parking lot. We were really skeptical Now, if we had made a bad decision.  We were indeed the first ones to get seated for the evening. When everyone arrived , drinks were ordered and the appetizers were served. We decided to order food Family style so we could try a number of dishes. Our Waiter, who it seems was also the bartender, took our order, but had others serve us. The place began to fill up and the service began to slow down. It took a while to get dinner ordered. We decided on a few persian/Italian Dishes. Arya Combo, Shrimp Kebab, Osso Bucco. ALL were delicious, served with basmati rice.  For dessert we orderd 4 different ones so we could sample a few(they had over 15 to choose from). Our favorite was the Limoncello.

The Pro’s on the restaurant…THE FOOD was delicious. The least for us on a early Saturday night, was right after we sat down, they dimmed the already dim lighting and made it very hard to read the Menu…NOT GOOD.  Next, the attentiveness to our table, With NOT many people in the building yet, was a little disturbing. It took over 20 minutes to just get a glass of water, drinks were forgotten, dinner order took a while to get in, and we Literally, had to flag down a waiter to get a dessert order. AT the end of our meal , the owner/ chef, and then his wife came to our table and chatted with us. We expressed the low lighting and not being able to see the menu was a problem, which she acknowledged. They told us Most patrons arrive about 8pm and stay till Midnight, enjoying dinner and dancing. Some nights they have belly dancing.  All in all the Inside decor is very Clean. I will go back again because the food was amazingly good.  The desserts were very good also. I give it 4 stars, and PLEASE work on that lighting.  It’s an obvious problem when you see people with their cell phone light having to read the menu  ! ! !!