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I had a early morning meeting at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Half Moon Bay, Ca.  After the meeting i remembered this bakery in Town i had stopped at a few years back. It was a sleepy Monday morning at 9:30am  and a lot of stores weren’t open yet. i cruised down main st. looking for the bakery. It had a sign out front that said they served breakfast and lunch, so i wandered in. There was a beautiful pastry assortment staring at me, hummmmmmmm .  I ordered an Omelette with Ham & cheese.  It was served with Diced red potatoes, red onions and bell peppers, Fresh Fruit Slices and toast (i had sourdough).  ohhhhhh  so good.  I sat in the covered back patio area, and all of a sudden the place began to get busy and fill up. Everyone was enjoying some breakfast or pastry with coffee.  I Ordered to go, TWO Cinnamon Crisps. 12″ Circles of Flaky crisp delicious pastry with baked on cinnamon sugar…OH YES… these are soooo good and very hard to find these days. I remember getting this when i was a kid…40 years ago ….LOL   I finished off the breakfast with a glass of FRESH, I Mean they just made it, FRESH Orange Juice     Don’t miss this place if you’re in Half Moon Bay … Delightful

5 Stars

1335 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95112


One of our favorites!!  When clients and company come to town, we take them here for the sheer enjoyment of watching the food being prepared right in front of us.  The atmosphere is relaxed, yet classy, the service is extremely friendly and authentically dressed, and the Teppan-yaki exciting to watch…nothing like getting involved with your food…..lots of compliments to our favorite chef -Thomas.   Every meal we have ever had here, and we have had many, many, many, has been just amazing.  My personal favorite is the Fillet Mignon Steak and Lobster combination, which is served with; salad with ginger dressing, miso soup and always go for the fried rice, mmmmmm so good, add hot green tea, house saki or Sapporo beer, and the orange sherbet to finish…so much food I tend to skip the appetizer …..oh alright twist my arm, Edemame or California roll.  5 stars and kampai!

This is a landmark Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown San Francisco. It has been there since 1920. This is the only Chinese restaurant that still has private curtained booths. I started coming here in 1962. It has always been a favorite in the heart of Chinatown. You walk into a room of High ceilings, gorgeous orient chandeliers and century old oriental columns. The food is very traditional  chinese with a General taste. I Give it 3.5 stars

This is a pleasant place to eat for a lunch or dinner. We usually eat here for lunch and the buffet is delicious. Lots of Choices and flavors. Average costs is about $12.00 per person for Lunch.  The  food is nicely prepared and displayed. This is under new ownership and much nicer than the previous. 4 stars

I have been eating here for over 20 years. The service and food is excellent. They cook to order so you can have it as mild or spicy as you wish. Our favorite is the  House fried rice, The basil Filets of fish and the Onion cakes. I travel all over the world and this is my  Favorite Chinese restaurant in the Bay area, including SF ChinaTown. !!!!!!   The staff is always friendly, the service great, all freshly cooked per order, and delicious. 5 stars

Mario’s El Burro

1875 S. Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA

This place was far from what I would call good Mexican food, more like really under average Mexican food.  I might not know all the ways to serve a Chile Relleno, however I have never had gravy on one -and I am not even sure if it was turkey or beef gravy – all I do know was that it was terrible.  The entree came with a salad, if you can call a bowl of lettuce with one pickled beet on top of it, a salad.  Most of the food ordered was bland and the service, for a Sunday night, was very slow.  I will admit that the cadillac margarita was quite strong for it’s tiny size.  All in all no stars and we won’t be going back.

We were in Austin for a Job site survey and had my friend Jimmy Earl take us to some good Local BBQ. we drove out of Austin to Round Rock to “The Salt Lick Bar B Que”. From the time we walked in the door the smokey flavor was in our mouths. The Kitchen and grills looked great, nice operation…. We just had time for a short lunch so we ordered a variety of sample plates with the Pork ribs, Smoked Turkey, Brisket, and sausage. It was served with tasty baked beans, cole slaw, and home fry potato. Everything was GREAT. We didn’t have time for dessert , but looking at the home made Pecan pies on the way out….hummmmmm. Steve even got a Rack of Ribs to go back on the plane with him…LOL We’ll be back, with our whole crew when we get back to town for our event.

We’re in Nashville for a Strikeforce MMA on Showtime TV event and during a Break the live event team went to lunch at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant.  WOW.  did we have a Great lunch with DELICIOUS home made food.  What a Great menu of Old family favorites.  It was a cold day out side so the Home made Chicken noodle soup really hit the spot. They also had something you never see on a Menu. Grilled Pimento cheese sandwiches. We had, Double Burgers, ribs, and shakes. All was a hit with the crew.  We gave it 4 stars

We were in town on a Business trip and 7 of us were referred to this place. It was a Thursday night around 8pm and the restaurant was packed. We got a table in 15 minutes. Casey was our server and did an excellent job taking our drink orders, our dinner order and the Fun we had teasing her about lemons. We had a variety of dishes including Steak and Shrimp, Salmon, Lasagna, spaghetti and Meat Balls to name a few. All were tasty. All the Steaks at the table ordered Medium, but came a little rare. The Hot rolls were good. We ordered Dessert.. VERY LIMITED MENU there. We the Cream cheese with Cherries and the butterfinger chocolate Both in a Graham Cracker crust. Not Great, but Not bad. All through the evening Casey kept all our drinks and water glasses taken care of. All in All we had an enjoyable evening and one of our group had been there the night before. I give it 3.5 stars