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location: 1875 South Bascom Ave. Unit 700, Campbell, CA 95008

phone: (408) 377-0707


If you are a beer fanatic, which I am, this place is for you and your good friends while your are in the south bay area!  Unique recipes, for both their beer and their menu….. Does the beer compliment the meal or does the meal compliment the beer??  Either way, imagine Alder Smoked Salmon Fish & Chips, my personal favorite (even though they have taken it off the menu they still make it whenever I ask) and then pair that with one of the 7 or more beer flavors that are brewed on site (some have higher alcohol content than most bottled beer and they post that info on the daily beer board!) or have the staff recommend a selection that would compliment your food choice.  They have a outdoor patio that is open year round and if you want to watch one or several games on the tube, there is no bad seat in the house.  They even have, and we are members of, the Rock Bottom Mug Club.  The service is excellent, the atmosphere relaxed and staff are friendly and knowledgeable!   5 stars, Mmmmmm….beer!!

location: 22 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914

phone: (401) 438-3899 ‎

SO we Flew to Boston To visit Friend and have dinner, hahahah Just for Miles on United to end the year. We went to Providence to Visit Rocky and Terry and they took us to RED BRIDGE TAVERN, not far from their shop. We spent about 2 hours at 1pm to 3pm having Bloody Mary’s and their daily specials. We had the bowl of Chili with Tortilla chips, Cup of Clam Chowder, that was TRIPLE cream, VERY GOOD, Two Cobb Salads,,, INTERESTINGLY made from a very different recipe,, but delicious. we had Two kinds of wraps, Blacken Shrimp and Crispy Buffalo chicken. The jury is out on the wraps!!!! They were both “interestingly tasting” , But not a favorite.. The home made potato Chips and fries were Fresh and Crisp. We were too full for Dessert but enjoyed our meal. Our waitress was very attentive and took very good care of us. All in ALL we give the RED BRIDGE TAVERN 4 stars.

location: 5510 Virginia Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63111
phone: (314) 351-4500

Dec 2, 2010

12 of us embarked to find this Place that was featured on MAN vs FOOD with a DAWG in a toasted bun with Jelly and cheese.   On a Small quiet street in the cold of a Thursday Night we located the IRON BARLEY, 5510 Virginia Street, ST Louis Mo. 63111. Since we were a Large group, we were told to walk down a side outdoor path to the back of the restaurant, thru the kitchen and down a flight of stairs to the basement seating. It was like entering a speak easy from the 30′s.  There was a Duo in the back of the room, playing soft hits from the 60-70′s. Brad Springmeyer on Guitar and Bill Yaeger on Cajon.   Our Waitress, Heather,  greeted us with drink orders and then Dinner specials. We ordered a Number of this special “DOUBLE DOG” called the Monte Cristo, which was served on a toasted bun, with strawberry jelly and swiss cheese. We gave it a 3.5 stars.

Between us all we ate quite a variety of food with medium to Rave reviews. The Lumberjack and Prime Rib Delmonico dinners were 5 STARS.  The green gumbo was 4 stars and noted that it needed more kick. The Ruben and Naked DOUBLE DOGS were 2.5 stars, with CHili Cheese & onion  DOG 3.5 stars. The favorite beer of choice in the group was the Founders Breakfast Stout and Hemp Hop Rye, By Ofallon Brewery.

The desserts,,, WELL, they were served FROZEN SOLID, all 3 we ordered of different kinds to try them out.  The peanut butter pie with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and Strawberry habanero sauce, KINDA sounded??? Good/Different, But turned out to be Pretty Boring and all the tastes just crashed in your palate … Kinda weird tasting actually, ALL DESSERTS. Not home made, Like store bought tasteless cream pies from Krogers….ONE star…..

Our group enjoyed a night of entertaining Music with one of our own , JIM G.,  jumping in on the piano, percussion and vocals with the DUO. They played some great music, we all had a Great time, The atmosphere was cozy, the lighting Ok, maybe a little dark, the sound not too loud, the Staff was friendly, and a GOOD TIME was had by all. Prices were very reasonable…… Over all experience    4 Stars