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Located on Highway 9 in Felton, Ca. The Cowboy Bar & Grill has been a local staple for years. Food is awesome. Stop in and enjoy. Great atmosphere. Friendly staff.

Rollin Smoke Barbeque 3185 S. Highland Street Las Vegas, Nevada. 702-738-1729.

We were shopping at the Fashion Show off Las Vegas blvd and took the backstreets when we left and came across two big BBQ smokers sitting in a parking lot. We pulled a U turn and came back to try the “Q”. We entered and read through the menu, smelling the flavors as meat was carried inside from the smokers. Lee took our order and we sat and waited for our tasty treat to arrive. There were others eating and enjoying their ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, fries and cold drinks. It was over a hundred degrees outside, so sitting in the air conditioned room was nice. Lee brought a sampling of their Mac n Cheese which was delicious with out pulled pork sandwich. The pork was very moist and flavorful with a nice tangy sauce on a French bun. It’s hard to find actual “Smoked” meat these days. There is so much simulated smoke flavored stuff out there that was frozen, then heated up in Restaurants. This is the REAL McCoy …. Try them out next trip to Vegas. Get off the busy strip and try some back street local delightful food.

5 stars

Overlooking the beautiful 9 hole golf course and RV Parking (wih septic dump included) we sat and ate at the outdoor patio. With a waft of livestock and smokey campfire we enjoyed pre dinner bevies and apps of guac, chips and salsa, and joyful banter. Fine dining included brocolli, peas, asparagus and rice, pork filet sauted in a secret pork spices and broiled to tender perfection, Mario Bartoli spinach and sausage ravioli with his Cherry tomato marinara sauce all over it and romaine salad with lemon juice and 2 year aged parmesan grated cheese. The after dinner festivus consisted of bb gun target practice and a quick round of chip qnd putt wih the Top Cat (and heard it said that we don’t do birdies here- much to the cat’s dismay). As the twilight last gleemed, the chefs (yes there are two of them in the kitchen) made a gooey, but precisely layered combination of Nilla waffers, vanilla pudding, bananas –Cupcake wars eat your heart out!!

7 stars

Chicken and Waffles 444 Embarcadero W (between Broadway & Franklin St)
Oakland, CA 94607  (510) 836-4446  Mon-Thu 10 am – 12 am

Fri-Sat 10 am – 4 am   Sun 9 am – 12 am

We meet some friends here who wanted to try the place. It was a Friday Evening at 6PM. The place was 3/4 empty. The service was extremely SLOOOOW. Our Waitress continually screwed up our order…Drinks, and meal.  All of us  felt that there was NOTHING that would want to make us come back for a second time…NOTHING.  The Location is at Jack London Square, who is feeling the recession. The whole area was very light for a friday night.  It never got busy and we were there almost 2 hours….YEP, the service was THAT SLOOOW. The Food was …”"OK”" .  That’s about the BEST of it.  There is a Lot of History with this Business…. But current management needs to step it up a bit and make the staff and the premises More appealing.  The Chicken was good, but the Sweet Potato pie was…..AWFUL.   I’ve eaten a LOT of sweet potato pie and this was just plain AWFUL.   SORRY truth Hurts….


Smoking Pig BBQ  1144 N. 4th Street  San Jose, Ca. 95112  408-313-4884

This is a NEW wood smoking BBQ place in San Jose, Ca.  Paul, the CSO (chief smoking officer) of Smoking Pig BBQ took over a fairly rundown Mexican taqueria at 1144 north 4th Street San Jose, Ca. 95112  408-313-4884. After a Lot of Painting and cleanup, Parking a couple of Large Smokers in the back parking lot and a Front Sign Change, The GREAT tasting BBQ spare ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, Links, Fresh daily homemade potato salad, coleslaw, Delicious Baked beans, corn bread muffins and Peanut butter pie are being served daily.

Paul Starts his daily routine putting ribs and Pulled pork on the BBQ the night before for a Slow cooked smoked BBQ flavor. EVERYTHING is Delicious…. The Brisket just fell apart..Pulled pork melts in your mouth, the RIBS sell out fast…chick and Links are delicious.  Along with this great tasting food, Paul serves a variety of home recipe sauces.

His partner in this adventure is Jessica, his Wife. This kind of Homemade, specialty food takes a lot of hours and patience to produce.

Stop by and enjoy the fruits of all their Labor to produce some truly good tasting  BBQ.  Even better yet, Plan ahead and call the day before and order up your rack of ribs so Paul knows how much to smoke the night before.

ALSO, Some exciting NEWS… Paul plans to have BLUES BANDS on the weekend evenings.  Check with them for a schedule of who’s coming….

Only real issue,,for some people.. At this time, they only take CASH, No credit or debit cards

5 stars……

Out to the West end of Dallas restaurant row. The crew wanted ribs so the Smokehouse got the nod. The family style all you can eat was our order. We ordered the pork ribs, beef brisket, pulled chicken, Cole slaw, Mac & cheese, mash potatoes and gravy. Since we have had some of the best BBQ all over the US, we consider ourselves true food snobs…..LOL. We gave the “Q”. A 6 out of 10. The atmosphere was good, and our server was prompt. Everyone had a good time. We just felt everything was a little flat, especially for the long storied history of Sonny Bryans.

We took a group of 12 to some late evening BBQ. Everyone wanted to see this place, as it is the site of some scenes from the 1984 TopGun movie. We ordered a variety of BBQ ribs, chicken, sausage, brisket, fries, onion rings, potato salad, Cole slaw, Mac and cheese, baked beans, collection of beers, and finished it off with sweet potato pie and walnut pie. Everything was delicious. There was a lot of finger licking and good harmony. The decor was fun to view and read the history of this place. There is no parking so plan ahead where to park or take public transit. From a true BBQ perspective, the food needed a little more smokey flavor.
4.5 stars
600 West Harbor Drive. San Diego, CA. 619-231-9680

We were in Austin for a Job site survey and had my friend Jimmy Earl take us to some good Local BBQ. we drove out of Austin to Round Rock to “The Salt Lick Bar B Que”. From the time we walked in the door the smokey flavor was in our mouths. The Kitchen and grills looked great, nice operation…. We just had time for a short lunch so we ordered a variety of sample plates with the Pork ribs, Smoked Turkey, Brisket, and sausage. It was served with tasty baked beans, cole slaw, and home fry potato. Everything was GREAT. We didn’t have time for dessert , but looking at the home made Pecan pies on the way out….hummmmmm. Steve even got a Rack of Ribs to go back on the plane with him…LOL We’ll be back, with our whole crew when we get back to town for our event.

location: 5510 Virginia Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63111
phone: (314) 351-4500

Dec 2, 2010

12 of us embarked to find this Place that was featured on MAN vs FOOD with a DAWG in a toasted bun with Jelly and cheese.   On a Small quiet street in the cold of a Thursday Night we located the IRON BARLEY, 5510 Virginia Street, ST Louis Mo. 63111. Since we were a Large group, we were told to walk down a side outdoor path to the back of the restaurant, thru the kitchen and down a flight of stairs to the basement seating. It was like entering a speak easy from the 30′s.  There was a Duo in the back of the room, playing soft hits from the 60-70′s. Brad Springmeyer on Guitar and Bill Yaeger on Cajon.   Our Waitress, Heather,  greeted us with drink orders and then Dinner specials. We ordered a Number of this special “DOUBLE DOG” called the Monte Cristo, which was served on a toasted bun, with strawberry jelly and swiss cheese. We gave it a 3.5 stars.

Between us all we ate quite a variety of food with medium to Rave reviews. The Lumberjack and Prime Rib Delmonico dinners were 5 STARS.  The green gumbo was 4 stars and noted that it needed more kick. The Ruben and Naked DOUBLE DOGS were 2.5 stars, with CHili Cheese & onion  DOG 3.5 stars. The favorite beer of choice in the group was the Founders Breakfast Stout and Hemp Hop Rye, By Ofallon Brewery.

The desserts,,, WELL, they were served FROZEN SOLID, all 3 we ordered of different kinds to try them out.  The peanut butter pie with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and Strawberry habanero sauce, KINDA sounded??? Good/Different, But turned out to be Pretty Boring and all the tastes just crashed in your palate … Kinda weird tasting actually, ALL DESSERTS. Not home made, Like store bought tasteless cream pies from Krogers….ONE star…..

Our group enjoyed a night of entertaining Music with one of our own , JIM G.,  jumping in on the piano, percussion and vocals with the DUO. They played some great music, we all had a Great time, The atmosphere was cozy, the lighting Ok, maybe a little dark, the sound not too loud, the Staff was friendly, and a GOOD TIME was had by all. Prices were very reasonable…… Over all experience    4 Stars

Nov 18, 2010

We arrived at the Tin Shed BBQ at 8:02pm on a Thursday night with the Strikeforce BBQ tour. They close at 8pm, but Fawn welcomed us in and we ordered some of damn near everything they had on the Menu. Fawn told us we could eat there as long as we liked watching wrestling !  ! ! ! !!  The ribs were delicious, decidedly one of the Best we have had so far on our 2 year tour of BBQ places all over the USA. The smoked chicken just fell off the bone and was really tasty. The Brisket was the same way, JUST FELL APART with a fork, was so Moist, tender and just the right amount of smoke flavor. The Pulled pork was wonderful, the sausage, the cole slaw, potato salad, rolls, pies were great also,, BUT the Baked beans, made with some pork were the BEST. Fawn and Shelton took great care of us staying late. Great place to enjoy tasty BBQ if in Jackson Mississippi