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I remember when this restaurant opened in the 80′s, as i used to live in Milpitas California since 1966.  I hadn’t been in at least 20 years and tonight some friends told me they wanted to go to this mexican restaurant called CASA AZTECA…   The wait staff was right there with water, drinks and to take our order starting with Top shelf margarita’s, guacamole & chips, Salsa. Then  salad and  delicious House dressing, the tasty Tortilla soup , and the Main courses of Fajitas, Carne Asada, Chili relleno’s,  Pollo & carne asada tacos, pollo enchilada’s, rice & beans delivered on very HOT plates…. yum yum…..  More margarita’s  and to finish it all off with a FLAN and 4 spoons….       Our waiter was excellent, atmosphere was pleasant and the whole evening was delightful.  Next time you’re in Milpitas, don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy this restaurant

4.5 stars

Casa Azteca  20 N Able Street Milpitas, calif. 950935  408-946-0466

Out touring with Glory International kickboxing, Doing a show at the Sears Centre Arena, we took our crew of 14 to dinner at Mago Grill and Cantina in Hoffman Estates. IL
We ordered 5 pitchers of margarita’s, 4 table side Guacamoles, and a barrage of chips and salsa’s.
We ordered all over the menu with all kinds of varieties. Everything was Delicious….absolutely. DELICIOUS… The Mariachi’s were playing all over the Restaurant with the sounds of Mexico. The wait staff was extremely attentive to drinks, water glasses and empty plates.
Delightful atmosphere…. Enjoyed a good meal here,,,
5 stars * * * * *

Stop here next time out this way………

Overlooking the beautiful 9 hole golf course and RV Parking (wih septic dump included) we sat and ate at the outdoor patio. With a waft of livestock and smokey campfire we enjoyed pre dinner bevies and apps of guac, chips and salsa, and joyful banter. Fine dining included brocolli, peas, asparagus and rice, pork filet sauted in a secret pork spices and broiled to tender perfection, Mario Bartoli spinach and sausage ravioli with his Cherry tomato marinara sauce all over it and romaine salad with lemon juice and 2 year aged parmesan grated cheese. The after dinner festivus consisted of bb gun target practice and a quick round of chip qnd putt wih the Top Cat (and heard it said that we don’t do birdies here- much to the cat’s dismay). As the twilight last gleemed, the chefs (yes there are two of them in the kitchen) made a gooey, but precisely layered combination of Nilla waffers, vanilla pudding, bananas –Cupcake wars eat your heart out!!

7 stars

Guadalajara #1 Mexican Restaurant 452 Empire St. San Jose, Ca. 95112  408-294-0545  Hours  7:30am – 9PM Daily  No Website at this time.

They take cash, Visa, Mastercard

This little corner store restaurant/ delicatessen has some of the best tasting, ready to eat mexican food.  Their Chili Rellenos are excellent.  Actually everything they serve is excellent. My Favorite is the “SPECIAL” Burrito. An Extra large Flour tortilla with beans, rice, two kinds of meat( or 2 scoops of the same), optional Chili relleno,  lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese, Hot sauce, guacamole. This TWO FISTED treat will fill you up. They also serve a variety of fresh mexican pastries.   excellent place for Lunch or Dinner.  there are some tables to eat there, But i usually just get it to go.     ……. Enjoy

There is a Second location, Guadalajara#2 at 1102 Bird Ave. San Jose, Ca. 95125  408-995-5354

4.5 stars

Bill P took us to his favorite Mexican Restaurant in Garden Grove. We ordered 3 margaritas (2 blended & 1 rocks) was kinda weak but OK. Had one plate with chili Colorado, rice & beans, one plate with chicken and shrimp fajitas, refried beans and fries, one plate with chili verde, rice & beans. All were large servings and delicious. Served with tortillas, a variety of salsas and condiments. Service was fairly quick. The restaurant was busy for a Tuesday night.

We gave it a 8.5 out of 10.

Los Sanchez Sonora Style Mexican Food. 714-590-9339
11906 Garden Grove Blvd Garden Grove, Ca. 92843

Our group of 7 ordered a variety of Mexican dinners. We started off diet coke, 3 magaritas, water, lemonade( a little watered down). We had chili rellenos, pollo fajitas, al pastor tacos, macho burrito, pollo fajita quesadillas, pollo taco. All was served on a very hot plate, with refried beans and Mexican rice. Our special guest, Allison, who was 3 months old, was a delight to dine with. She smiled all thru dinner, such a cutie. Our server, Juliana was extremely attentive to our table, drink orders, and food order. Everyone at the table agreed the food rated a 8.5 to 9.0. We ordered a variety of desserts from the traditional Mexican favorite “Flan”, deep fried ice cream and sopapillas. Survey says ………. The Flan was a little to firm.. A little over baked, deep fried ice cream was …..OK Nice. And the sopapilas with honey drizzle, cinnamon sugar and whipped cream was tasty.
Everything was fine, the sun was going down, the room was getting dark and Juliana brought the bill…… Wham… The lights get turned on so we can see the damage…. LOL.

Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the evening.

This has to be the “”worst”" place to go if you’re in a hurry between planes. We ordered a quesadilla with chips, something that should take Tops 10 minutes to whip out and waited 35 mins to get it. The place was so understaffed everyone around us was just getting up and leaving because of no service. The quesadilla showed up as soft tacos cut in half,,, NOT grilled at all and pitiful. We ask for our bill and that took another 20 mins to get. Luckily we had time to spare but usually don’t. We travel a lot and this is by far the worst airport service and food. Did I say the worst enough !!!!!! no sense going on here. Avoid if you can. NO STARS…….

Mario’s El Burro

1875 S. Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA

This place was far from what I would call good Mexican food, more like really under average Mexican food.  I might not know all the ways to serve a Chile Relleno, however I have never had gravy on one -and I am not even sure if it was turkey or beef gravy – all I do know was that it was terrible.  The entree came with a salad, if you can call a bowl of lettuce with one pickled beet on top of it, a salad.  Most of the food ordered was bland and the service, for a Sunday night, was very slow.  I will admit that the cadillac margarita was quite strong for it’s tiny size.  All in all no stars and we won’t be going back.

Bonito Michoacan Mexican Restaurant

location: 3715 S Decatur Blvd  Las Vegas, NV 89103

phone: (702) 257-6810

This is my alllll time favorite mexican restaurant… HANDS DOWN.  Home cooked food, Large portions, Great people, Great margaritas, Friendly waiters, warm atmosphere, Just plain fun. Everytime I go to Las Vegas I get off the plane and head to Bonito Michoacan. If I have a business meeting, I bring my clients there, especially middle of the afternoon. What a great way to have meetings over chips, salsa and bean dip, with a margarita here and there..LOL

I highly recommend this restaurant. It’s off the strip, but not too far. I always invite all my local friends when i’m in town to meet there and they all agree. The food is just plain delicious… 5 STARS    There is Nothing on the Menu that isn’t excellent…NOTHING…  Did I say I love this place…   LOL

Update.. For the “”BEST”" service go to the back room and tell ‘VIOLETA’  you read it on Food Snobs that this was THE BEST room with the Best service ….!!!!!  Violeta takes extremely good care of you.

location: 3659 East Ventura Avenue, Fresno, CA 93702-3251

phone: (559) 485-1635 ‎


It was late and we got to the Hotel at 9:10pm and the Radison hotel clerk Suggested “Castillos” as a good Local favorite. They stay open till 10PM and wasn’t far so we headed down there.  It was your typical Good ole Home cooking. The Chips were fresh, crisp and the salsa tasty. The food was delivered hot, delicious and the service was Great. There were 10 people in the restaurant on a Wednesday at 9:30pm, as we ate more kept coming in. We had Chili Rellenos, chicken enchiladas, carni asada burritos, Chicken taco’s, cheese enchiladas, beans & rice. Everyone ask for something added special for a custom order. Our Waitress was humorous and good hearted and took the order and delivered it just as ordered.  Only issue was they DON’T have Liquor so no Margaritas, But have Lots of cold Beer.  We give the food 4 stars. The Flan we had for dessert, was a Little Bland.. 2.5 stars..LOL