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Wooden Head Pizza. 192 Ontario Street Kingston Ontario Canada

This is the “BEST” Pizza. The Best…. ANYWHERE…….

i have been coming here for years. i can’t believe i hadn’t written a review yet. We wanted to have a group pizza party last week but could never get a reservation. finally on Monday we took a large group of 14 to a group dinner the night before I was leaving for the states.
We all started off with drinks, beers, salads, coconut shrimp, VooDoo shrimp, calamari. The next course was a variety of Wooden Head’s famously delicious fire oven pizzas. We had the dynamo(my favorite) , the Americana, the Nonna mela, the prosciutto, plain cheese, vegetarian.
After letting everyone sample all the flavors…… We weren’t done yet.

Now it’s time for dessert……..!!!!!!!!!!!

We love their desserts. All freshly made, most from the wood fire oven. So we started with the pear calzone, oven baked and covered with fresh cut strawberries and chocolate sauce. Next the apple pizza smothered with fresh cut apples drizzled with caramel sauce and granola like crispier,,,yum yum.. The chocolate lasagna was stacked chocolate mousse between crisp sugar wafers with fresh strawberries and fresh cream drizzled all over. And to finish we had the lemon tarts with lemon creme and fresh cream drizzle.
On a 5 scale…Wooden Heads is a TEN…
Our server , Katie, was extremely attentive and took very good care of our large group.
I highly recommend Wooden Heads Pizza to anyone visiting Kingston Ontario Canada. Unfortunately, there is only one. We keep asking the owner to franchise….. But not so far.

Now just to finish this off… I travel all over the world, eating delicious pizzas everywhere …… Italy- All over, New York, West coast(Round Table), Germany, France, …..none compare to Wooden Heads Pizza.

Enjoy…EH. !!!. Kb

Black Bear Diner 6180 West Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, Nv 702-368-1077. Other locations across western states.

This restaurant is a chain like no other. Their food is down home cookin Good…. Large portions are served delicious and hot. The staff is always friendly and make the dining experience fun. Their breakfast can be a meal for the day,,,huge!!!! Their burgers and fries crisp and mouth watering. Our server, Cindi, always has a smile and is pleasant every time we come in. We’ve eatin here probably 30 times on our trips to Vegas, yet I didn’t realize I hadn’t written a review , soooo here it is better late than never. The Black Bear Diner has locations across a few western states. Look them up on their website Stop and enjoy the dinning experience next time you see one. Also Enjoy a HUGE bear claw to go,,,YUMMmmmmmm

5 stars

Overlooking the beautiful 9 hole golf course and RV Parking (wih septic dump included) we sat and ate at the outdoor patio. With a waft of livestock and smokey campfire we enjoyed pre dinner bevies and apps of guac, chips and salsa, and joyful banter. Fine dining included brocolli, peas, asparagus and rice, pork filet sauted in a secret pork spices and broiled to tender perfection, Mario Bartoli spinach and sausage ravioli with his Cherry tomato marinara sauce all over it and romaine salad with lemon juice and 2 year aged parmesan grated cheese. The after dinner festivus consisted of bb gun target practice and a quick round of chip qnd putt wih the Top Cat (and heard it said that we don’t do birdies here- much to the cat’s dismay). As the twilight last gleemed, the chefs (yes there are two of them in the kitchen) made a gooey, but precisely layered combination of Nilla waffers, vanilla pudding, bananas –Cupcake wars eat your heart out!!

7 stars

The Perfect Circle, Original Cupcake Bake Shop  165 N. Glassell Street, Old Towne Orange, Ca.

Made From Scratch, Baked with Love,  WINNER of the Food Network CUPCAKE WARS.

This is the sign in their window, as we went visiting the street used in the Movie “THAT THING YOU DO”"  Like a step back in time to the 50′s and 60′s nostalgia.

The Hours of business were all listed as HAPPY HOURS.  HA HA ! !  ! ! !

We ordered a Chocolate Cookies and Cream, a Banana, a Lemon tart, and Vanilla.

Now at  $3.00 a cupcake, NORMAL sized cupcakes, Not Large or anything, They were all just AVERAGE.  I bake and have to tell you, the Banana was the tasiest. The Vanilla was second best, and the Cookies and cream was just plain dry and BORING.

Cute shop, nice decor, but Not worth $12.00 for 4 cupcakes.

2 stars……